Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) new information

From January 2016, the income thresholds for Education Maintenance Allowances are increasing for those students born before 1 March 2000  and this means more students may qualify to receive weekly payments of £30 per week.   The income threshold for families with one dependent child will increase from £20,351 to £24, 421 and for those with more than one dependent child will increase from £22,403 to £26,884.  If you believe your son or daughter will now qualify for an EMA you can find out more at     Applications can be submitted from 26 October 2015


EMA Application Forms for Session 2016-17 should be available in school soon.  A copy of the information letter targetting students who qualify for EMA from August 2016, and which will be delivered directly to their home address, is here, and the Application Form can also be downloaded at