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englishEnglish is about communicating clearly and effectively in speech and writing, and analysing and evaluating what is read and heard. The reading and appreciation of texts - poems, novels, short stories, plays and mass media (film, TV, graphic novels, journalism) - is central to much of what goes on in the English Department.   We are proud of our successes in Creative Writing competitions in recent years and we also try to encourage an awareness and enjoyment of Scottish language and literature. 

The aim of the Broughton High School English Curriculum is to allow each student to develop competence and confidence in reading and writing, listening and talking.  We want to encourage their skills in co-operative working, foster a love of reading and develop students' thinking skills.

S1, S2 and S3 follow the broad, general education part of Curriculum for Excellence

The curriculum consists of a series of thematically linked units and language activities designed around the Level 3 Experiences and Outcomes (Level 4 for S3).  These activities help pupils develop, consolidate and become secure in Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening at an appropriate pace and level. 

Classes have four English lessons per week with one period acting as a literacy period where pupils use the School Library Resource Centre to set targets and to work towards improving their literacy skills, following a set course which covers technical skills, close reading skills, personal reading and research projects. Pupils should expect literacy homework once a fortnight. This can be found on our department wiki page: 

Students in S4 will prepare for examinations at National 3, 4 or 5 level.

Learners in S4 will be placed in classes based on their attainment in S3. All classes follow a common course, starting with a Scottish research project which will also gain them units or an Award in Scottish Studies or Scots Language. N4 candidates may work on this project between May and October; N5 candidates will be expected to use May and June to complete the project.

After that, all learners will study language and literature (including Scottish texts) to allow any learner who is able to pass the internal assessments (reading, writing, talking and listening) to sit the level most suited to his or her ability.

For further information about the level structures, click National 3National 4 and National 5.

S5/6 will follow the National 5 / Higher English Curriculum

Many S6 and all S5 students in English take an English Course in the senior phase.  All are issued with a booklet explaining in detail the different Course requirements and assessment arrangements.  Learners study language and literature, as per national arrangements, and there is a strong emphasis on Scottish literature in texts studied.  Internal assessment occurs at set points throughout the year using nationally agreed criteria and judgements.  External exams are held in May. The English Department’s senior courses include:

  • Advanced Higher English
  • Higher English
  • National 5 English
  • National 5 Literacy with National 5 English units only
  • English for Life and Work (including Literacy, Scottish Studies, Problem Solving and Working with Others units)

We have very strict entry requirements for these courses:

For Higher - candidates must have an A or B at National 5.

For National 5 - pupils who successfully complete National 4 at the end of S4 and pupils who have achieved level 4 in S3 will be able to join a National 5 course in S5.

For Literacy/N5 Units only or for Life and Work - this course is available to pupils who achieved National 3 in S4, those who have completed N4 but who are looking for a more skills based course and those for whom National 5 will be too challenging.

For information on the New Higher click here

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