The Broad General Education

In S1 students have 2 periods of art, and in S2 1 period of art per week.  In S3, the last year of the broad general education, students choose a minimum of one expressive art from Art, Music and Drama and study this in more depth - 3 periods per week.

Interdisciplinary Learning and electives

In S1, all students take part in an IDL experience delivered by teachers in Art, Music and Drama and lasting 12 weeks. During this time, students explore the theme of Childhood and choose whether to create outcomes in Art, Music or Drama.

In S2, we offer an art-based elective. In the past these have included Keeping a Sketchbook and Fashion. This year, we are delivering a Photography elective.

The Senior Phase

We offer National 3, 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Art and Design, plus portfolio art for those students applying to art college.  Many seniors work in the department during their own time as well as when timetabled for Advanced Higher or portfolio art.  Many gain successful entry into art colleges each year.


In 2011, we presented our first Photography students for their SQA Higher exams, and since then, uptake of Photography has continued to grow.  We have 20 Canon digital SLR  cameras for student use, plus a well resourced portable photography studio. This year Photography was introduced in S2 and we hope to develop progression at National 4/5 in future.




Art & Design Deadlines 2016-17

National 5 and Higher Unit : w/c 26 September

National 5 and Higher Development : w/c 19 December

National 5 and Higher Final Outcome : w/c 20 February

Advanced Higher Unit : w/c  10 October

Advanced Higher Development : w/c 23 January

Advanced Higher Final Outcome : w/c 27 March


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