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mathsAt Broughton High School, Mathematics is seen as a vital skill for everyday life. We all use Mathematics so much that often we are not even aware of it. By giving meaning and purpose to Mathematics, we hope to engage and enthuse pupils. It seems socially acceptable to say “I’m no good with numbers”, but rarely do you hear “I’m no good with words”.   We strive to break down this barrier so that pupils are not afraid of Mathematics, but instead enjoy using it with confidence.

There is an interactive white board in every classroom allowing pupils to truly get involved with what they are learning. This is invaluable in a subject that contains so much shape and graph work. The department also makes regular use of the school’s Library and Computer Suites. Pupils work both independently and collaboratively on a wide variety of tasks including investigation work, problem solving and games based learning to develop their reasoning and logical thinking skills. Context is given to the topics that are being taught so that pupils see that they are not purely learning Mathematics in order to pass an exam. As these practices lie at the core of A Curriculum for Excellence, the transition will be smooth whilst consolidating the good practice that is already in place.

Literacy is included wherever possible in lessons and the department supports the school to promote the use of numeracy.

Every member of the department is a subject specialist who is enthusiastic and passionate, both about Mathematics and about teaching. Between them they hold a wealth of experience, both of teaching and of working in industry, which is essential to give perspective of how the Mathematics that they are teaching will be used.

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