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We aim to offer all pupils a positive language learning experience. Through the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, we aim to enhance students' ability to communicate with others in a foreign language, to enable them to express with confidence their thoughts, feelings and ideas, and to arm them with the knowledge of how language works. We attempt to foster cultural awareness and to assist students to view themselves as part of wider European and global communities. We encourage learner independence and co-operation with others. We also highlight to students the importance of their language skills in the world of work.


French is taught from P1 to P7 in Broughton's cluster primaries and is delivered by staff in the cluster schools. Pupils in Ferryhill and Granton primaries also learn Spanish from P5 and pupils in Flora Stevenson's and Stockbridge Primaries learn Mandarin from P5.   Broughton cluster schools work closely together and follow a common programme designed in line with a Curriculum for Excellence in order to ensure continuity and progression in learning  from primary to secondary school.  Pupils study French in S1 and S2.  In S1 they also learn Spanish through an Interdisciplinary Course called "Entrprising Edinburgh", which combines language learning with Business and IT Skills.  In S2 students also learn Mandarin.  (See section below).

At the end of S2 students can choose which language(s) they would like to study over S3 and S4.  They can choose from the following combinations:

  • French only
  • Spanish only                                                                                                                                          
  • French and Spanish                                                                                                                    
  • French and Mandarin 
  • Spanish and Mandarin                                                                                                               
  • French, Spanish and Mandarin

In S4 students will be presented for one of the new qualifications in their chosen language(s):  National 3, National 4, National 5.

A small number of students are presented for Languages for Life and Work.  This group award combines language learning with employability skills.  Students participate in a business partnership as a feature of this award.  In 2014 students worked with the Hilton Hotel at Edinburgh Airport, and in 2015-16 with the Balmoral Hotel.  

After S4 students can progress to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses in all languages. (French, Spanish, Mandarin)

  • Beginners Italian is offered in S5/6 at National 4 and National 5 levels. 
  • Beginners Spanish is offered in S5/6 at National 5 and Higher levels.
  • GCSE Polish and Arabic are offered to native speakers of these languages in S4 to S6.

The Scottish Languages Baccalaureate

The Scottish Languages Baccalaureate was offered at Broughton for the first time in 2010.  Students interested in this qualification must be studying 2 Advanced Highers and 1 Higher in any 3 languages, one of which should be English.  Students are required to undertake a skills based Interdisciplinary Project where their languages should be directly linked to an area of interest beyond the school setting.  Students may wish to work towards the stand-alone Interdisciplinary Project unit as a means of enhancing their employability skills.  Please visit:


Mandarin was introduced as a subject to Broughton in the session 2007-2008 with small groups across the school being offered taster sessions in language and culture. At Broughton we recognise the importance of China as a global force in business and over the past 8 years the subject has grown in popularity. This session the following options are available for studying Mandarin:

  • All S2 classes will be offered a block of Mandarin during the year. Students will learn basic personal language and will also learn   about aspects of Chinese culture including festivals, food and music.
  • A group of students choose Mandarin as an option choice in S3.
  • Senior students attend Mandarin classes and will work towards a range of qualifications.
  • Native speakers of Mandarin are offered a range of qualifications.
  • The rota for this session, 2017-18 for S2 Mandarin is available here


Please click on the link below to find out more about homework in the Modern Languages department.

  • S1 Homework Walls

            Chez Moi - S1 Aug-Nov

            La Vie Scolaire - S1 Dec-Feb

            Tout Sur Moi - S1 Feb-May    

  • S2 Homework Walls:

            Les Sorties - S2 Aug-Nov

            Manger et Boire - S2 Nov-Jan

            Vacances, Voyages - S2 Jan-May

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