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Farewell to S6 Students

On Friday 28th April we bid farewell to our wonderful S6 students. Although they will be back in Broughton for their SQA exams during May they will have reached the end of their school career. Friday will give them an opportunity to say goodbye to each other and to their teachers.

We are holding a fairly informal leavers’ assembly on Friday morning, to share some reflections, some laughs and some memories of the past six years. No doubt most of the S6 will arrive dressed very differently to the way they normally come to school. After the assembly they will move on to other activities in other locations and it is likely that some will be partying well into the wee small hours of Saturday morning.

I would very much like the students to leave us with good positive memories of them. They have collectively been a very responsible year group with a real sense of community and social awareness. It would be a great pity if any individuals spoiled it by doing anything irresponsible on their last day. Unfortunately a very unwelcome American custom of ‘muck up day’ has become a fad in Scottish schools. Antics can actually be quite harmful and destructive. Follow-up action at Broughton would be serious and may involve other agencies if conduct is unacceptable.

I and the staff at Broughton have a sense of humour, but I would emphasise that leavers’ day entertainment must not be gained at the expense of any individuals or groups of people at Broughton HS.

Here’s to the bright (and safe) future of our S6!

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PIN numbers for school lunches

Please be aware that we are changing the way pupils can buy food from the school canteen. From 24th April pupils will be able to use PIN numbers instead of their One card.

This letter has been given to your child to bring home for your information.

Lifeskills Mathematics Research

SQA has commissioned research regarding the title of our Lifeskills Mathematics course. They are looking for 12 – 16 parents of S3 – S6 pupils who would be willing to take part in a group discussion over the telephone. The discussion will only take around 40 minutes and researchers will provide a number for participants to dial into using a landline.

Please note that the young people, whose parents take part, do not have to be studying Lifeskills Mathematics.  If you are interested in taking part, please contact Kerry McMillan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phase 2 of 20mph Speed Limit Now Live

Phase 2 of 20mph Speed Limit Now Live

Phase 2 of the rollout of a 20miles per hour (mph) speed limit went live on 28 February 2017.   The second phase is the largest construction phase in the scheme  stretching from Granton to Portobello, Duddingston to Morningside, Gorgie to Murrayfield.

You can find out if your street is changing to 20mph by checking the interactive map.

The introduction of the new 20mph limit relies on signage and road markings alone.  Existing speed humps or other traffic calming will remain unchanged.  Larger 20mph signs will mark the entrance and exit of a 20mph area where the speed limit changes.  These signs will be supplemented by smaller repeater signs or road markings with speed limit roundels.  

While many cities in the UK, Europe and beyond have already brought in 20mph (or 30km), Edinburgh is the first city in Scotland to roll out 20mph limits in this way, with many other areas, including East Lothian, keen to bring in slower speeds. 

Slower speeds bring many benefits to places and people. They help to reduce the risk and severity of collisions, encourage people to walk and cycle and spend more time in an area. The project extends 20mph speed limits to approximately 80% of Edinburgh’s streets, while retaining a network of roads at 30mph and 40mph on key arterial routes.    

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School Attendance

The Government Guide on School Attendance is available now.

Free School Meals and School Wear Information

Some funding allocated to schools is based on pupils receiving Free School Meal entitlement. This allows us to provide extra support to our pupils. We do think a number of families who should be receiving this benefit are not currently claiming this support. This means they do not received the help with meals but also means we do not receive all the additional funding we could.

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Assessing Children's Progress: Information for parents/carers

Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, John Swinney, launched a package of further information for teachers, parents and carers on assessment within the NIF.  This information focuses on assessment of progress through the BGE and where the new standardised assessments will fit with this. It gives very clear guidance on the expectations about assessing children’s progress and ensures schools have the information they need to be able to respond accurately to parents’ and carers’ questions.  Parents can access this information here.