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Most students gain empathy towards other countries and cultures.  We are confident that this leads to well informed and responsible global citizens.

The Geography course also aims to explain the many physical and human processes that shape Planet Earth.  All pupils increase their awareness of the environmental challenges that face the world today.  Students develop skills that are central to modern life, such as independent and team working both inside and outside the classroom, using ICT, and analysing and interpreting a wide range of different data sources.

The department has three members of teaching staff.  We have a fantastic range of learning and teaching resources which include Smartboards, school iPads, textbooks, worksheets, booklets, OS Maps and fieldwork equipment.

All pupils study Geography in S1 and S2 covering a range of human and physical topics which include:

S1:  Planet Earth, Understanding Weather, Earth Forces, Settlement, Scotland’s Geography and Only One Earth.

S2:  Weathering and Erosion, Coasts, Polar Lands, Understanding the Development Gap, Map work, Rivers and Travel and Tourism.

There is also the chance for all pupils to develop their investigative skills by undertaking extended project work.

Approximately 40% of the year group continue with Geography in S3 ahead of completing their National 4 or National 5 qualification at the end of S4.

The National 4 and 5 courses focus on Urban, Farming, Population, Weather, Glaciation, Coasts, Rural Land Use, Environmental Hazards and Disease.  All pupils have to produce an extended project based on the collection of their own data.  Assessment for the National 5 students includes 20% on a controlled assessment taken in advance of the final examination.  Fieldwork and individual research is integrated into the controlled assessment component.

In S5 & S6 students are encouraged to take Higher Geography. Topics taught include Development and Health, Urban, Rural, Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Biosphere, Hydrosphere, Rural Land Resources and Population.




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