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historyThe History department aims to give pupils a sense of belonging and understanding of their place in society. Throughout their secondary education, pupils are given the opportunity to explore their local history as well as significant Scottish, European and wider international momentous historic events that have shaped the world we live in today. The department is committed to presenting History to pupils in an interesting way which really brings the subject to life. Studying History teaches life-long literacy, analytical and investigation skills essential for the wider world beyond school years.

Bringing History to Life

One of the best ways to learn about History is to visit historical sites. In S2, pupils have the opportunity to learn about their local History on a tour around Edinburgh focusing on various historical attractions including the Castle, the Royal Mile and the Parliament. The department is also taking S3 – S6 pupils on a trip to France and Belgium to visit the battlefields of WW1. Pupils have also experienced the horrors of Old Edinburgh on a trip to the Edinburgh Dungeons, and handled medieval weapons and armour inside Edinburgh Castle as part of the school’s extended timetable activity day.

Assessment and Course Outlines

The History department is very proud of our record of excellent results. In 2010, almost half of Standard Grade pupils achieved a Credit level pass and 86% achieved at least a General level pass. Also, 92.5 % of pupils sitting Higher passed and 75% of these pupils achieved an A or B grade. We achieved a 100% pass rate at Advanced Higher level and 80% pupils achieved an A or B grade.

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