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religiousThis course is designed to respect the rights of others to express beliefs, viewpoints and values which pupils may not share. Pupils will also develop the confidence to share their own beliefs, viewpoints and values with others who may not agree with them.

They will be able to identify and investigate the important assumptions which underpin their own beliefs and those of others, analyse their own beliefs, values and attitudes and those of others, review and evaluate and come to conclusions about beliefs, viewpoints and values based on the information they have available.


  • Mr J Cudlipp (CL Social Subjects)
  • Ms L Northcott
  • Mrs V Munro
  • Mrs C Thornton


The intention of Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies is to encourage pupils to think about such questions as:

  • Why is religion an important part of human experience?
  • How do the major world religions respond to moral questions?
  • How do we form our own beliefs, values and attitudes and develop a more tolerant understanding of others?

The RMPS Department aims to:

  1. to promote an enquiring , critical and deeper understanding of other viewpoints different to our own;
  2. to encourage pupils to reflect on their own experience of life to date;
  3. to develop pupils` insights into situations which pose moral and social questions and to develop their capacity to respond to these situations in a balanced and understanding way;
  4. to explore the contribution of religion to human identity and fulfillment, both as individuals and as groups;
  5. to contribute to understanding the multicultural dimension of the society in which pupils live;
  6. to encourage pupils to reach an informed decision on their own values, attitudes and beliefs.

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