7 October 2021

Important Information for 12-17 Year Olds

NHS Scotland has issued a leaflet detailing important information for 12-17 year olds regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.  Please take time to read it.


Information on Positive Cases of Covid-19

You will receive a text message signposting you to the attached letter if your child is in the same year group as a pupil(s) who has/have tested positive for Covid-19.  You should only receive one text on any given day unless your child is in a mixed year group class.  However, you may receive several texts over a period of time (eg week), this will depend on the number of reported cases. Please make sure to follow the guidance in the letter when you receive a text. 


9 August 2021

Go with the Flow

23 June 2021

Covid-19 Testing Update

We have been made aware that some parents/carers have been advised, through the phone hotline to book a PCR test, that children who are contacts should not have a PCR test. This is incorrect advice in Scotland. Any member of staff or a pupil who is a contact of a positive case is required to organise a PCR test.

If anyone is having difficulty booking a test on the phone, they should try booking a test on the UK Gov website (, and the parent/carer should choose the option when asked: "Why are you asking for a test":   I’ve been in contact with someone who’s tested positive for coronavirus and "I found out in another way that I’m a contact (England, Wales and Scotland only)

21 April 2021

Give Covid the Jab

Members of the Gypsy, Roma, Traveller (GRT) and Showmen communities are being encouraged to ‘Give Covid the Jab’ in a new NHS videonew NHS video.    Produced by the GRT and Inclusion Health team at First Community Health and Care in partnership with Surrey Heartlands CCG, the video aims to educate, inform and answer common questions about the Covid-19 vaccine to boost vaccine confidence within Traveller communities. The film follows renowned Romany journalist, Jake Bowers, as he investigates what he and others in the nomadic communities can personally do to help society move on from the pandemic. Filmed at the boxing club of iconic British boxer, Les Stevens - who sadly became one of the first Romany men to die from Covid-19 in the first wave – Jake interviews a Catholic priest who works closely with Irish Travellers, seeking religious views about having the Covid-19 vaccine. He also meets Lisa Gavin, First Community’s Clinical Services Manager for GRT and Inclusion to discuss and clarify misinformation and dispel myths he has heard about the vaccine that the wider Traveller communities may believe to be true.

21 April 2020

What you need to know about COVID vaccination

NHS Lothian have produced video clips to provide information about COVID vaccinations, and to clarify some myths and misconceptions about the vaccines in the following languages:


  1.     English
  2.     Arabic
  3.     Mandarin
  4.     Cantonese
  5.     Romanian
  6.     English
  7.     BSL
  8.     Polish
  9.     Bengali
  10.     Urdu
  11.     Swahili

British Islamic Medical Association

They also have “UNDERSTANDING SELF ISOLATION AND SUPPORT” and “FLU VACCINE VIDEOS” in different languages:


  2. URDU
  9. BSL


  1. Arabic
  2. Bengali
  3. BSL
  4. Cantonese
  5. English
  6. Mandarin
  7. Polish
  8. Polish
  9. Punjabi
  10. Urdu

18 February 2021

Our Support for Learning team has put together some useful information regarding Home Learning.

11 January 2021

There is a national problem with internet provision. This is directly affecting the operation of Office 365 and the Teams platform. City of Edinburgh is doing what it can to overcome this, but are relying on solutions from outwith the council.  

Please keep checking the Teams platform for progress. Our teachers are doing the same.

Mr J Wilson, Headteacher

15 December 2020

As we are moving into the winter period, it is vitally important that all users of the school building follow Government guidelines regarding face coverings. We would like all young people to wear face coverings as advised by the Government. 

We will be issuing new face covering exemption cards after the holiday and previous cards will no longer be valid. If your child is unable to wear a face covering due to medical reasons, we will require written confirmation from parent/ carer. 

14 December 2020

New Guidelines for Coronavirus Isolation Period

As you may be aware, the new guidelines for the isolation period for close contacts changes as of today from 14 days to 10 days. This means that all pupils and staff due to return from isolation as close contacts on or before 18 December, can now return to school tomorrow, Tuesday 15 December.  Health Protection has issued a letter with full information.

27 October 2020

Winter ready, Covid ready. Please ensure your child brings a winter jacket and face mask to school.

Thank you.

1 October 2020

Positive Covid Test:   Brief Summary of School Actions

  1. The school contacts Health Protection Scotland (HPS) to inform them of the situation.
  1. The school contacts officers at City of Edinburgh council to inform them of situation.
  1. Advice is taken by the school, depending on individual circumstances of positive test.
  1. While HPS investigate the individual circumstances, the school is not permitted to contact any other parties, including staff, parents or pupils.
  1. If the positive test is confirmed by HPS the school will identify ‘close contacts’ in classrooms.
  1. The school will inform the parents of the ‘close contacts’ and ask for their child to go home to self-isolate.
  1. The school will then share a message from HPS to state that all other pupils should attend school as normal.
  1. Staff in the school and elected members will be advised of the situation.

31 August 2020

Professor Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, Scottish Government has issued a letter with updated information/guidance on the Common Cold and Covid-19 symptoms.

27 August 2020

Dear Parents and carers

Please find attached the most recent update from the senior manager for City of Edinburgh schools. It includes much pertinent information.

With regard to the section on face coverings, you will know that the school is doing its best to adhere to government and Council guidelines. Please note that we do not have large stocks of face coverings, although these are on order from our central procurement office. It would be most helpful if students attended school with their own face coverings. I sincerely believe they want to help their friends and the wider community stay safe. If we support them to wear face coverings it will be easier for them to do so.

Kind regards

Mr J Wilson



26 August 2020

Using Face Coverings in Shared Spaces Around Our School

To all Broughton HS Students

Broughton HS has a proud history of inclusion and respect.  We appreciate each other and value the fact that not everyone is the same.  We are a school where ‘being different is normal.’  One of the things that makes us different is the level of health that we enjoy.  Some of us have what are called ‘underlying health conditions’ that make Covid more dangerous.  Most of these conditions are quite easy and safe to live with in normal times but unfortunately the Covid virus means that people who have them must be very cautious all the time.  They are more worried than normal just now about their health.

Recently the Scottish Government has decided that it is safer for all of us to use face coverings when we are in communal areas of our building.  That means when we are moving from one classroom to another or have to stay indoors in wet weather we should have a face covering on.

  • Wearing face coverings will provide more protection from the Covid virus and will add to the other things we are already doing such as hand sanitising and cleaning surfaces in classrooms.  That means that when we all go home we are much less likely to spread the virus to our parents, carers and other relatives including more elderly grandparents.
  • In our school itself there are over 100 students and significant numbers of adult staff who have underlying health conditions.  Some members of staff may of course be pregnant at the moment.
  • You know that if there is an outbreak at our school we will have to go into lockdown again and everyone will have to work and study from home.  We do not want this to happen.

As your headteacher I know that you are caring and considerate young people and you want to do your best for others around you.  Although wearing a face covering might feel inconvenient and perhaps even a bit uncomfortable you might save someone’s life by wearing one as you move around our school.

If any of your teachers ask you to also wear the face covering in class during lessons it would be much appreciated if you could make an effort to do so.  That teacher may have an underlying health condition or might be looking after someone at home who is vulnerable.  Again, this is all about looking out for each other and caring for each other as fellow human beings.

Finally, the school is aware that some of you cannot wear a face covering due to your own health condition. The staff in the pupil support office will provide any student in this situation with a pass.  Miss MacMillan is co-ordinating this and will issue passes as quickly as possible. If you need a pass and have been missed out please see Miss MacMillan and she will help you.

This is a very difficult time for lots of people in our community.  The simple act of wearing a face covering will help to make things better. Please remember to wear the face covering and help each other to stay safe and healthy.

Thank you

Your proud Headteacher,

Mr Wilson         

14 August 2020

The return to school has been a great success for our students this week. As you can imagine, both students and staff have had to very quickly adapt to a whole new way of working. I would commend all school users for their patience and understanding while we collectively adjust our habits.

One of those habits is being inside the building during breaks and lunchtimes. As government guidelines have advised schools to avoid indoor gatherings of more than 50 we are continuing to ask students to spend their free time outside. This week it has been reassuring to see groups of young people making use of our extensive school grounds. They have been acting safely and sensibly and spending less time looking at their phones than usual.  Long may that continue!

In order that we continue to mitigate risks associated with infection control, a small but important number of changes are being introduced from Monday 17 August. These are outlined below.

Staggered entry and re-entry into school building

Start of day

S1 & S2                 8.30am                 One bell ring

S3 & S4                 8.33am                 Two bell rings

S5 & S6                 8.36am                 Three bell rings

At end of lunchtime, Mon- Thu

S1 & S2                 1.50pm                 One bell ring

S3 & S4                 1.53pm                 Two bell rings

S5 & S6                 1.56pm                 Three bell rings

The school has received a small number of enquiries about the possibility of introducing ‘staggered lunches.’ In some local authorities staggered lunchtimes is the norm across most Secondary schools. It is important to bear in mind that staggered lunches usually mean slightly different start and end times, with the student population split into two or three groupings. Unless students are separated into groups of 50 or less, these staggered lunches do not fulfil the requirement to keep groups to 50 or below. In our school we would need to provide 23 separate lunchtimes per day in order to meet this requirement. This is why we have chosen to introduce outdoor breaks and lunchtimes instead.

Given what could be generously described as the variable climate in Scotland, I would urge parents and carers to ensure that your child goes to school with a rainproof jacket if the forecast suggests it might be necessary.

If the weather conditions indicate that being outdoors is higher risk than being indoors we will declare it a ‘wet weather’ day – a situation that our students will remember from Primary school days. This would result in the students being permitted back in the building. They would be asked to move into our central Hub area, the Assembly Hall area and our foyer area. Seating will be very limited in order to avoid face to face interaction for longer than 15 minutes. At all times, we will strive to take the safest course of action for young people in this temporary new normal.

It has been a real pleasure to see our young people back in our school this week. From the brand new S1 students who have forgotten the way to their classrooms to the very grown up S6, these young people are the lifeblood of our school community. I have great hopes for them individually and collectively. They are having to contend with a situation and social restrictions that have not been seen in anyone’s lifetime, yet they remain cheerful and enthusiastic. They also happen to be full of talent and are ready to work hard for success.

Mr J Wilson



25 June 2020 

Please be advised that clothing grants, free school meals and EMA applications have not yet opened. Please see City of Edinburgh council website for updates.

15 June 2020

Alistair Gaw, Executive Director for Communities and Families has issued a letter to parents/carers with an update on plans for re-opening schools in August.


How to Access Online Learning

Information about accessing Microsoft Teams from out of school was shared with pupils at Assembly before school closed in March.  If you require your child's username and password, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   There is also information in Edinburgh Learns, which offers guidance on Teaching, Learning and GIRFEC during school closure. 

BBC Bitesize:   

All Bitesize Daily lessons have been put together in consultation with teachers and education experts and some of the regular weekly highlights include:

  • Reading lessonsReading lessons with extracts from best-selling children’s books also on Fridays.

Don't forget there’s a wealth of content across the BBC to help young people learn at home including podcasts on BBC SoundsBBC Sounds and programmes for older students on BBC FourBBC Four.  And on social media, parents will be able to access further advice about teaching via BBC Bitesize FacebookBBC Bitesize Facebook and TwitterTwitter which will be updated regularly with helpful guides.  Visit the guideguide to everything the BBC is doing to help young people study at home.

11 May 2020

The NW List of local supports and services, May edition for NW families has been published.  This information will also be uploaded onto the council COVID-19 webpages and updated monthly.  NW Locallity are offering phone/parenting support to families about the types of support available or to discuss any particular challenges parents and carers may be having managing their child or teenager’s behaviour. 

6 May 2020

Support for parents and carers during the Covid-19 pandemic has been issued by Scotland's Anit-Bullying Service, respectme, with 5 ways to stay safe when it comes to online bullying.

29 April 2020

The Scottish Child Law Centre service is available to children and young people if they require advice.  In addition, if you’re a child or a young person, you can call them any time to get free legal advice... ...BUT every Tuesday and Thursday between 12 and 1 o’clock they are running a Youth Hour, when their solicitors will only take calls from children and young people.


Edinburgh Psychological Service update:   We understand that the situation with COVID-19 is a concerning time for everyone and that with the current school closures, children and young people may feel particularly unsettled. Psychological Services are happy to offer advice and support at this time.  We now also have a webpage that is now live containing the same information and it is available here


Sustrans have launched 'Cycles for Key Workers''Cycles for Key Workers', a single information point to make cycling easier for key workers as they travel to and from work during Covid-19.


LINKnet is offering its services remotely during the Covid-19 lockdown. We use WhatsApp, Email, Skype/ Zoom. All of the following aspects of the service are provided online at present until further notice.           

LINKnet provide one-to-one mentoring for education, employment and personal development. There is also an online drop-in service every day from 10 am - 4 pm that provides short-term support on employability, education and information on issues including housing, benefits, domestic abuse or mental health. Support is also offered on the importance of oral health.

Job seekers who do not have UK work experience will be invited to volunteer with LINKnet or with partner organisations to get work experience. They will be requested to work online.

Group English classes are offered at beginner-to-intermediate and intermediate-to-advanced levels. Classes focus on improving practical language skills for employability, further education, and life in the UK. From June there will be online teaching.

  • Qualifications gained:   Certificates will be provided for some of the courses
  • Client group:                   Ethnic Minorities
  • What is provided?          All LINKnet services are free of charge and offered to minority ethnic people
  • Start date:                       Ongoing
  • Duration:                         3-6 months
  • Times and days:             Flexible
  • Location:                         31 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JG
  • More Information:         Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel:  07447228686 or 07957989804

27 April 2020

MS Teams - Help With Reading Posts/Chats
27 April 2020

Are you struggling to read long posts on Teams?   Your computer can read it out for you!                                                                    

Where the emojis are, there are 3 dots. Click on the dots then on the 'immersive reader' option. Then let your computer read it to you!


How to Access Online Learning

Information about accessing Microsoft Teams from out of school was shared with pupils at Assembly before school closed in March.  If you require your child's username and password, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   There is also information in Edinburgh Learns, which offers guidance on Teaching, Learning and GIRFEC during school closure. 

23 April 2020

Being At Home During School Closures

City of Edinburgh Council Psychological Services have put together some information for young people, and for parents on coping with being at home during the current school closures due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

22 April 2020

City of Edinburgh Council Psychological Services

We understand that the situation with COVID-19 is a concerning time for everyone and that with the current school closures, children and young people may feel particularly unsettled. Psychological Services are happy to offer advice and support at this time.

9 April 2020

ScotRail Activities

Scotrail has created some activities which might help keep the children in our lives entertained (if even only for a little while). They have created a page on their website with some activities, which will be added to over the coming weeks and you can access them here:


Covid-19 Fundraising by former Head Boy

Andrew Chrumka, former pupil and Head Boy, is leading a heartening effort to raise funds to support those most affected by illnesses, including Covid-19.  

A note from the newly appointed Squash Club Captain - Andrew Chrumka:  "Really proud of everyone at GU Squash! We’ve decided to run 2020km by the end of June in support of Trussell Trust, who run food banks across the UK, something especially important at a time like this.  If you want to see our progress check it out here:

And if you’re feeling generous you can donate here:

Thanks to everyone showing support".

3 April 2020 

It is important that our young people stay actively engaged in their learning throughout this challenging time.   Please read this letter about accessing Teams and how to get in contact,

2 April 2020

Check out this information from the BBC on how can parents help with home schooling  -


30 March 2020

Mental Wellbeing

Granton Youth Centre has prepared a guide for parents to create mental wellbeing at home during this pandemic.

27 March 2020

Information about accessing Microsoft Teams from out of school was shared with pupils at Assembly before school closed on 13 March.  If you require your child's username and password, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

23 March 2020

Our Careers Adviser, Sarah Macpherson,has created this step by step guide for parents and students to apply for SCP courses and FA. This is for parents and pupils who haven’t applied for college already and will need assistance.  If you have any questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Information is available on what you can claim during the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as advice for all Parents/Carers/Children with Care Experience, and an update on on advice partners (City of Edinburgh). 


ASL Information for Parents and Carers is available for you herealong with Edinburgh Learns, guidance on Teaching, Learning & GIRFEC during school closure.

20 March 2020 

John Wilson, Headteacher, has issued the following update.

19 March 2020


Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the closure of the school, Skills Development Scotland cannot deliver career services face to face, but they are still there to help. You or your child can contact their school Careers Adviser, Sarah Macpherson for career information, advice and guidance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on her work mobile 07899 957 044


Edinburgh Together Helpline – supporting schools and families during the crisis 

Edinburgh Together are committed to continuing support to educational staff and families throughout the developing situation. Their service team will shortly move to remote working in order to mitigate the risk of infection, however their aim is to continue to provide the service at its current level.

MON-FRI 9am-9pm

SAT-SUN 9am-12.30pm

The Edinburgh Together Helpline remains open offering practical and emotional support and access to information 7 days a (08000 28 22 33).


ALN Home SchoolALN Home School - is a site designed to benefit parents and carers of young people who have additional learning needs and who may have to be home schooled during the Covid-19 outbreak. 


Please read the latest update from Andy Gray, Chief Education Officer.


Dear Parents/Carers

These unprecedented times have brought out the best in many people, not least our young people at Broughton High School. The announcement of schools closing after Friday 20th was met with equal measures of celebration and anxiety by students. We have to be mindful of the impact this may have on all members of our school community, not least our seniors who may be depending on SQA results for their next step in life.

Unfortunately one initial reaction from a group of S6 students was to treat the closure as a signal to move into ‘muck up day’ mode. This is simply not appropriate, particularly at this time when many will be worried about the health and wellbeing of loved ones.

I would ask you please to speak to your child and emphasise the need to act with respect for others in school. Should Friday be their last official day at Broughton they should aim to leave the school with abiding memories of all they have contributed so positively over the years. We intend to celebrate this contribution later in the year once things have settled down.

 I wish you and your family good health as we move into the next phase of responding to this international crisis.

 Kind regards

John J Wilson, Headteacher


To support children`s wellbeing in the forthcoming weeks, useful contacts and information are listed below. These will support you and your families whilst your settings remain closed. This information will be updated as necessary.

Social Care Direct - 0131 200 2324

Opening hours Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5pm;  Friday 8:30am-3:55pm       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emergency Social Work Service – (out of hours) – 0800 731 6969

Police Scotland Edinburgh – 01786 289070

Emergency police – 999

Police text phone – 18000

Police 101

Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0808 802 3333

Children 1st – 0131 446 2300

NSPCC – 0808 800 5000

Samaritans – 116123 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Parent Line Scotland – 08000282233   Home Link – voluntary agency offering advice or support for families – 0131 661 0890

Home Start – voluntary agency offering advice or support for families – 0131 564 1540

Cedar – voluntary agency offering advice or support for children affected by domestic abuse – 0131 315 8116/ 07850 515 283

Circle – voluntary agency offering advice or support for families – 0131 552 0305

CHAI- voluntary agency offering advice, housing support and employability support – 0131 442 1009


18 March 2020

Please be aware that with recent guidance on Covid-19 Broughton High School is postponing all extra-curricular school sports clubs and activities. This means that the Talented Young Performers dance classes on Fridays from 2-4 pm will be postponed until further notice.

We will also need to cancel the upcoming auditions for entry into the Primary 6 & 7 Talented Young Performers classes. 

Auditions for P5 pupils auditioning for the P6 class will be rescheduled for August/September.

Thanks for your continued support and patience at this time.

Dance Department 


Please see below information from the Active Schools Team in Edinburgh :

Suspension of Active Schools extra curricular programme until further notice

You will appreciate the measures to counter the spread of the Coronavirus have been widened significantly and the advice from the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland continues to guide our response.

Specifically the following activities are suspended until further notice:

  • Extra-curricular Active Schools provision
  • Extra-curricular Cycle Training
  • Extra-curricular Community Sport Hub provision (up to 6pm)
  • National Governing Body coach/teacher education
  • National Governing Body partnership delivery of sports (e.g. by Club Development Officers)
  • Parent meetings
  • Sports Academy sessions
  • Extra-curricular and curricular sport specific sessions delivered by Development Officers and coaches
  • Leagues, festivals, competitions
  • Holiday programmes

There will therefore be no Active Schools extra-curricular clubs as from Wednesday 18 March until further notice.  The Active Schools team will notify the coaches and parents and will issue refunds to all those who have signed up to clubs for the remainder of this term.


17 March 2020

City of Edinburgh Chief Education Officer, Andy Gray, has issued the following letter regarding Covid-19. Mr Gray outlines the council’s response to Scottish Government guidelines, emphasising the need to protect and support our communities.


After the government’s announcement to cancel all non-essential mass gatherings and in line with Active Schools cancelling upcoming events, Broughton High School is postponing all extra-curricular school sports clubs from today.


16 March 2020

The following link will clarify why some people are self-isolating. It does not mean they have Covid-19. It is simply a precautionary measure.


We are receiving enquiries about a rumour that a student has tested positive for Covid-19.  At the time of writing there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst our students and staff. There is a clear difference between people showing symptoms and actually being tested positive, as symptoms can be caused by a number of different illnesses. We continue to follow government and council advice.


10 March 2020

City of Edinburgh Council’s Chief Education Officer has issued this letter for the attention of parents and carers.  Please note that the web link for Category 1 and Category 2 countries is updated on a daily basis by the UK Government

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