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August 2022

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18 August 2022

Dear Parents and Carers

The First Week Back

What a delight it is to see our young people back in school, full of energy and enthusiasm.

One year ago today, we were not sure how we would be delivering educational experiences for our students. Two years ago, the situation was even worse as we were not sure whether we would be able to offer anything meaningful at all in person. The relative normality of this year’s first day of school brings reassurance and joy.

So far it seems that everyone has grown over the summer, and our returners look more confident and poised than they did six weeks ago. No doubt they have many stories to share, much better in person than through the various social media platforms that they have been inhabiting. Our new S1 students are excited about starting this new phase in their lives. A few have had to ask for directions to classes, but good for them that they have the confidence to do so. They will bring much to the future of our school and in the blink of an eye they will be in S6 preparing for the next phase.

Being Part of the Community

The vast majority of our students are showing their pride in being part of the Broughton High School community by wearing school uniform and dress code. That is part of their contribution to their school, and is most welcome. I would emphasise that although school uniform is much less expensive than the designer clothing that teenagers might choose to wear, we are keen to support families who are struggling with the cost of clothing. The best way to access this is via our guidance team, through either a direct phone call or an email to school reception.

Academic Success

More detailed information will be forthcoming, but I am absolutely delighted to share that the attainment gained by our S4-S6 students last year was outstanding. Despite the many challenges that they had to face, they contributed to the best set of SQA results that the school has ever seen. Better than the exam-free years of 2020 and 2021. Better than any year since statistics have been recorded in the current format. This is particularly remarkable, given that the national pass rates have actually declined this year.

This level of academic success is not just down to ability but comes as a result of many factors: hard work and resilience; support from parents and carers; and untiring high quality teaching and regard from staff are some. A massive well done from me and the whole school staff to those young people.

Senior Staffing News

We welcome Mrs Lisa Evans to our school senior leadership team. Mrs Evans has been a curriculum leader in another Edinburgh school for the past eight years, and was previously an English teacher at Broughton. I am delighted that Mrs Evans is back in the Broughton HS family and we look forward to great things.

Recently we also welcomed Mr Steven Frew back to Broughton HS after a few years as a curriculum leader in East Lothian. Mr Frew joined us just before the end of the summer term in the role of Senior Development Officer. One of his key roles is to explore the diversity in our school community and make the most of the opportunities that this provides. This will be fascinating and will provide further impetus to cohesion and success in our school. Mr Frew was also previously with us as a Business Education teacher.

It speaks volumes for Broughton HS that staff who have progressed in their career are keen to re-join us further down the line.

I am pleased to inform you that Mrs Shona Wallace, Depute Headteacher, has been appointed on an acting basis to the Headship of Craigroyston Community High School. Mrs Wallace will work hard – as she always does – to support the community at Craigroyston. We wish her well, and look forward to her return in the latter part of the academic year.

Finally, I would like to thank our parental community for the support you give to our school. We will keep trying together to make things as good as possible for our young people. Most of the time we get it right, and long may that continue.

John J Wilson




Broughton High School aspires to be a learning community known for its excellent learning and teaching. We maximise student achievement; provide support, welfare and inspiration. We are committed to continual improvement. Our students will be confident, successful and able to contribute effectively and responsibly to society. They should foster an interest in life long learning.

We are a consistently improving organisation. Our core values are the same - respect, inclusion and integrity in all that we do. Tolerance and a willingness to learn about other cultures have been at the heart of Scottish education for centuries. By embracing the Scottish tradition and developing through a curriculum for excellence we hope to develop as truly global citizens.

Broughton High School is developing as a centre of excellence in the wider community with our business partners and neighbours utilising the building during and beyond the school day. The development of partnership working is important to us and we actively pursue their development.

In school, it goes without saying that we provide a secure and healthy environment, but we aim for much more. We aspire to personal excellence at all times. In every classroom, on the playing fields, through every note played in the Music School we aim for the highest standards. These can only be achieved if the whole school community works in partnership.

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