Help Us Improve Punctuality at Broughton High School


Parents want their child in school, on time, ready to learn.

Staff want a reduction in interruptions caused by pupils appearing late to the lesson and not knowing what to do because they have missed vital information.

Why Is This Important?

Poor punctuality is often related to poor/reduced achievement and can lead to disengagement from learning.

Parents want their child to be on time to maximise their learning.

What Is The Procedure?

A child will be met at the entrance on arriving late by a member of staff and the reason established for the lateness.  Depending on the circumstances this may result in a detention slip being issued.  The detention will last only 15 minutes at the end of the school day on the same night as the lateness.

Why Are We Changing The Procedures?

To simplify our approach and tackle issues of disruptive lateness.

What Can Parents Do To Help?

If there is a genuine reason for your child's lateness, please write this in your child's planner and sign it. 

If you are having difficulties getting your child to school on time then discuss the issue further with their Guidance Teacher.