Primary 7 Transition can be both an exciting time for young people but also a time of uncertainty. 

Here at Broughton High School we aim to make the Transition process as smooth as possible for all young people who will be joining us.  To that end we work closely with our primary colleagues both in our cluster primary schools (Ferryhill Primary, Flora Stevenson Primary, Granton Primary and Stockbridge Primary) but also with colleagues across the city and beyond. Transition working begins in early October and continues through to when the students finally join us in August.

To support students through P7 Transition one PSL and one member of SFL are allocated as links for each of our Cluster Primary Schools.  Identified staff will attend Primary CPM’s as appropriate and will liaise with the primary schools on pupil transition.  The allocated staff are: 


  Ferryhill PS

  Mrs Lydia Milazzo, Pupil Support Leader                              Ms Zoe Gillespie, Support for Learning

  Flora Stevenson PS

  Mr Colin Stewart, Pupil Support Leader                          Mrs Noemi Gonzalez, Support for Learning Teacher

  Granton PS

  Miss Hannah Deans, Pupil Support Leader                  Miss Sally MacMillan, Support for Learning Leader

  Stockbridge PS

  Ms Sharon Brodie, Pupil Support Leader                        


Identified students may participate in the school Positive Start Programme and in additional Transition events and visits as appropriate.

All relevant information for Primary 7 Transition will be posted here in the Primary 7 Transition Section.  There will also be Facebook posts on the school Facebook page to highlight upcoming P7 events.

Finally our view is that Transition is a process for the whole family.  All Tours are open to parents and P7 students.

If you have any queries regarding P7 Transition please contact Mrs Shona Wallace, Deputy Head, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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