Broughton High School has a strong community ethos and we encourage our students to respect this by following our school dress code.

Over the past year the expectations regarding adherence to uniform have been relaxed. We have taken a pragmatic approach to reflect ventilation requirements over the colder months.  It is not reasonable to expect students to wear full uniform in class when they are wearing several layers to stay warm.

We remain optimistic that more normal classroom conditions will return during session 2021-22.  With this mind we would ask all parents and carers to prepare for full adherence to the Broughton HS uniform from August onwards.  Please bear this in mind when buying new clothes over the summer.

Our dress code is designed to make life easy for parents and young people alike.  It consists of:-

  • White shirt/black shirt or blouse
  • Red school tie
  • Black trousers/skirt
  • Black cardigan or jumper
  • Black shoes
  • Blazer - optional.   Students in any year group can wear a blazer, which should be black.  We reommend polyester, which is easily washed.  Students who buy blazers can come to the School Office and receive a school badge to iron/stitch on.

We have found that the shirt and tie is the most affordable and flexible option for parents.  All our S1 students are provided with a tie by our Parent Council, free of charge.

The reasons for asking students to wear school dress are as follows:-

  • Identity - it is important that pupils have a sense of identity and belonging. They are part of a new community in secondary school.
  • Security – through the wearing of school dress staff can readily identify anyone who should not be in the school grounds and buildings.

  • Safety - some items of clothing, such as loose fitting track suits are unsafe in Science and Technology areas.

  • Economy - all items of school wear are reasonably priced and readily available in supermarkets and clothing retailers.  The cost of black or white items is the same as other colours.  The tie is provided free of charge in S1.
  • Preparation for later life – wearing school dress requires self discipline.  In most work places there are certain expectations about dress.
  • A mindset for learning - wearing uniform on school days sets the correct mindset at the start of the day.

Support with school uniform

Should a student arrive in school without full uniform they will be issued with relevant items from the school office, on receipt of an item of value as security.  That item will be returned when the item of uniform is returned.

Since 2015 parents have been informed by text when this happens. In the event of a student frequently coming to school without appropriate uniform parents may be asked to attend a meeting with the Depute Head Teacher in order to discuss the situation.

Any parent or carer who requires financial assistance with the purchase of school uniform should contact their child's guidance teacher.  Various types of support can be made available.

We hope that this move clarifies our uniform policy for all of our students and look forward to your continuing support in this matter.

Yours sincerely

John J Wilson - Headteacher