For parents who wish to speak to a member of staff about progress or concerns your first point of contact would be with your child’s Pupil Support Leader (Guidance teacher).

Pupil Support Leaders are linked to one of four school Houses, as shown below. There is a Depute Headteacher linked to each of the four Houses who acts as the Head of House. Your child’s House can be identified from the letter in their Tutor Group name. E.g. 1R2 means First Year, Raeburn House. (The second number only has significance in identifying groups and has no other meaning.)

For child protection and safeguarding concerns, please contact Mrs S Wallace, Depute Headteacher.


Adam House:

Pupil Support Leader (PSL): Mrs S Brodie

(Mrs Z Gillespie:  3A2Z, 5A2Z)

Head of House: Miss S MacMillan


Napier House:

Pupil Support Leader (PSL): Mrs J Drummond (Weds, Thurs & Fri) & Mrs Z Gillespie (Mon & Tues)

Head of House: Mrs S Wallace


Raeburn House:

Pupil Support Leader (PSL):  Mrs L Milazzo (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri),  Miss E Thomson (Weds)

(Mrs Gillespie:  3R2Z,  4R1Z)

Head of House: Mrs S Bennett


Scott House:

Pupil Support Leader (PSL): Mr C Stewart (Mon, Tues & Weds), Mrs P Day (Thurs & Fri)

(Mrs Gillespie 3S2Z)

Head of House: Mrs L Evans


Additional Support for Learning

Miss S MacMillan and Miss H Taylor 


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