The Broad General Education

In S1 students have 2 periods of Art & Design, and in S2 1 period of Art & Design per week.  In S3, the last year of the Broad General Education, students choose a minimum of one expressive art from Art, Music and Drama and study this in more depth - 3 periods per week.

Students in Art & Design will develop skills in a variety of areas through a range of themes including; the natural world, colour and pattern, cultural art and imagined creatures.  Skills developed during the BGE will prepare them in full for the completion of certificate courses and an understanding of transferable skills for use across the curriculum.

The Senior Phase

National 4 Art & Design is practical and experiential and the key focus is creativity. The Course combines developing knowledge and understanding of artists and designers and their work, with practical learning experiences in both expressive and design contexts.  SQA

The National 5 Art and Design course allows candidates to improve their skills base and broaden their horizons regarding the range of careers available to them. Throughout the course, candidates develop creativity, perseverance, independence and resilience. Learning through art and design also develops candidates’ ability to critically appreciate aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas.  SQA

Higher Art & Design allows candidates to develop skills and qualities that are in demand in many different careers. Throughout the course, candidates develop creativity, perseverance, independence and resilience. They also learn to critically appreciate aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas.  SQA

Advanced Higher Art and Design is learner-centred and includes investigative and practical learning opportunities. The learning experiences are flexible and adaptable, giving candidates opportunities to personalise their learning in design contexts. This makes the qualification accessible to a diverse range of candidates.  SQA

We offer National 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Art & Design, plus portfolio art for those students applying to art college.  Many seniors work in the department during their own time as well as when timetabled for Advanced Higher or portfolio art.  Many gain successful entry into art colleges each year.

Personalisation and choice ensures engagement during certificate courses.  Completion of expressive, design and critical studies enables students to develop their understanding of the visual elements, design issues and the work of contemporary artists and designers.  Visits to galleries and in-house presentations also ensure engagement, deeper understanding and high attainment.


Critical thinking and problem-solving

Planning and organisation

Creativity and innovation

Personal effectiveness


In 2011, we presented our first Photography students for their SQA Higher exams, and since then, uptake of Photography has continued to grow.  We have 20 Canon digital SLR  cameras for student use, plus a well resourced portable photography studio. This year Photography was introduced in S2 and we hope to develop progression at National 4/5 in future.




Learning through and about the arts enriches the experience of studying while at school as well as preparing students for life after school.

  • Arts subjects encourage self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity.
  • Creativity can also help with wellbeing and improving health and happiness.
  • Studying arts subjects also help to develop critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us.

Arts education can also help with developing skills and ways of working that will benefit students in the future in whatever career they choose.

  • The leading people in any field are those who can think creatively and innovatively. These are skills that employers value alongside qualifications. Making and participating in the arts aids the development of these skills
  • When studying the Expressive Arts students learn to work both independently and collaboratively, they also gain experience in time management – skillsets valued by employers
  • Studying the arts teaches determination and resilience – qualities useful to any career.


Future careers

According to figures released at the end of 2017, the UK creative sector is growing at twice the rate of the national economy.

One in eleven jobs in the UK is within the creative industries.

The sector has seen a 20 per cent growth since 2011 and is currently generating £84.1bn for the UK economy.

Art & Design Deadlines 2019-20

Return of Work

Deadline for return of work requests:  September 13 2019 

£4 to be paid to Art teacher or by Parentpay

National 5 & Higher

Expressive folio – December 2019

Design Folio – April 2020

Art & Design Critical Studies – final written exam May 2020

Expressive and Design folios are sent to the SQA for marking in April 2020

Advanced Higher

Investigation/Sketchbook work Sept 2019

Development Sheets first deadline Oct 2019 (progress reviewed every 2-3wks)

Final Outcome Nov/Dec 2019

Mini Folio (University applications) Jan 2020

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