Photography has an important place within the Creative Industries and the commercial and scientific community in Scotland. Employment opportunities in Photography continue in Scotland, but the required skill set has changed to reflect technological advances in the subject and the prevalence of digital photography, combined with the demands of employers for a technologically aware and flexible workforce.

This course offers students the opportunities for hands-on skills development. It aims to:

•             Develop practical and creative skills        

•             Develop knowledge, understanding and skills involved in photography

•             Develop planning, self-reflection and evaluation skills

•             Make a positive contribution to personal development

Course content           

Photography: Basic Camera Techniques Unit

Students acquire a broad based knowledge and understanding of the basic techniques involved in photography, the physics involved in creating an image and an understanding of the basic features of a camera and how to create an exciting photograph using composition and creativity.

Photography: Research Project and Practical Assignment Unit

Students will engage in a photographic research project in a creative, structured way. They will investigate a photographic theme and use problem solving techniques to produce effective research material and evidence this thoroughly in a sketchbook. They will create a bank of high quality professional photographs and present their completed portfolio selection along with evaluations and self-reflective essays on this research to a high standard.

Photography: Reportage Unit

Students will develop an understanding of the photo-journalistic process of storytelling, using thought-provoking imagery without words. Students will document an event and arrange the photographs into a coherent order to create a narrative with impact.


The Basic Camera Techniques Unit and Reportage Unit are internally assessed and must be passed in order to be presented for the Higher qualification. The Research Project and Practical Assignment is externally assessed and is marked by SQA.

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