Art & Design

artArt is a popular subject in a thriving department which enjoys excellent results. The department comprises  4 classrooms (one with kiln) and a graphics  suite.  A large roof-top space provides space for outdoor work and provides views towards the south-east of the city.  We offer a wide range of courses and programmes  including design and expressive activities and critical studies. Students learn skills in product and graphic design, jewellery-making and textiles in Design, and drawing and painting, collage, 3D work and print-making in Expressive. 


dramaDrama Education is often described as a 'natural pedagogy' and enables students to develop their understanding of the world, relationships, culture and society. It is a mirror for real life. The nature of Drama work requires students to work collaboratively with others, explore moral and ethical issues from a range of perspectives and use their knowledge of the world to communicate with an audience.

Audio Visual

audiovisualThe A-V Department strives to maximise the use of the A-V technology, to encourage and develop its use within the school community and to make these high technology teaching aids user friendly to all.


musicUpdated information about the Music Department coming soon ......



Photography is taught within the Art and Design Department on the second floor, giving students immediate access to all of the creative resources required for the course including the computer suite and accompanying software packages. At present the school offers Photography as a Higher award only, with a view to introducing new courses in the future.

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