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Autism Information Sessions for Parents/Carers


Autism information sessions are now planned for parents and carers of young people who attend mainstream City of Edinburgh secondary schools.   Further information is here.

House Music Concert


The Broughton House Music Concert takes place on 13 October.  Further information here.  

English Portfolio Writing Assessments


All English students who are on National 5 and Higher courses will do a writing assessment under controlled conditions between mid-October and early November.

Candidates have been preparing for this assessment in class. They will be able to bring in a plan and a page of notes, each being one page of A4 paper. This will be the first draft of the essay and candidates will be able to redraft this piece before it is submitted to SQA for marking. This piece of work makes up 30% of their final mark so it is very important that candidates attend the assessment and are fully prepared. Information on how to support your young person will be shared in the very near future.

S1 Student's Artwork


 -pgqtug.jpgOn Friday morning I had a delightful visit from two of our S1 students, Varshu (the artist) and Palwasha (potentially a very good agent). They came to show me what Varshu has been drawing in her spare time. I think you will agree it is an excellent piece of art, carefully crafted and very precise in detail.

The best thing about their visit however was their embodiment of youthful energy, friendship, trust and optimism for the future. We would do well to learn from them.

Mr J Wilson, Headteacher







Empowered Learning - Touch ID on iPads


We would like to enable Touch IDTouch ID for pupils, to make it easier for them to unlock their Empowered Learning iPads. In order to do this, we have been asked to make parents & carers aware that this option is going to be made available to pupils. As a result, the Home School Agreement has been updated to state this. 

The use of Touch ID is optional for each user, but you may want to look at the attached information (, which provides reassurance that, if Touch ID is enabled, the fingerprint data is encrypted and stored mathematically on the device in such a way that it is impossible for anyone to access it.

The updated Home School Agreement and Responsible User Agreement are available here:



School Closure - Tuesday 13 Sept (pm)


Dear Parents and Carers

Following the sad news of Her Majesty’s death City of Edinburgh Council has taken the decision that Broughton High School will need to close on Tuesday 13 September at 12 noon (and buildings must be clear of staff and pupils by 12:30 pm to allow them to get home safely). This is due to the route taken by the Queen’s Coffin which will involve numerous road closures across the city early in the afternoon.

All main contacts of pupils and staff should have received a SEEMiS text on Sunday 11 September advising you of this information. It will also be published on the Council website.

Latest information can be found here -

Some young people may feel the need to talk to someone trusted about their emotions at this time. Our school chaplain, the Reverend George Vidits, minister of St Stephen’s Comely Bank Church, has offered his support. Please contact your child’s guidance teacher if you feel this would be of help to them.

John J Wilson



Mandarin Rota 2022-2023


All S2 classes will receive a block of Mandarin lessons, as well as their regular French lessons this year.  Exact dates are here.

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