Broughton High School: A Model of Diversity, Inclusion and Success

Our school is unique in several respects. We are a community in which people value each other for our different perspectives and backgrounds and respect our differences. We are also a community which shares common core values of respect, inclusion and integrity. Our students experience learning and life situations which help them to grow and become fully rounded and well balanced people, ready to contribute to society as adults.

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • We are proud to educate the second highest number of young people from SIMD 1-3 of any school in City of Edinburgh (459)
  • We welcome large numbers of pupils living in SIMD 10 (280) in a geographical area which has five high profile independent sector schools as direct competition. We are the only state-funded school in the Inverleith ward.
  • Our catchment includes Pilton, West Granton, Muirhouse, Comely Bank, Stockbridge and Craigleith. Our specialist provisions enable excellence for children and young people living throughout Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife and beyond.
  • Our pupils represent the widest socio-economic range of any school in Edinburgh. (With standard deviation statistics to evidence this, for anyone interested in such things!)
  • Broughton High School was the pioneer Secondary School to take up the City’s 1 in 5 Poverty Challenge.
  • Over 50 languages spoken in pupils’ homes (including Scots and Gaelic!). We educate 366 pupils for whom English is not the only language spoken at home.
  • Our young people grow up in a multitude of ethnic and religious backgrounds, all mutually respected as part of our one community.
  • Specialists in Music, Dance and Football are fully integrated within the school community. Our specialists access the majority of their curriculum - and social development - with fellow Broughton High School pupils.
  • There is strong LGBT support built into our pupil voice where issues of fairness and inclusion are discussed alongside the quality of learning, and lunches!
  • “Gold standard” (SQA audit 2016) support for learning provision permeates our school. Last session 466 enhanced ‘assessment arrangements’ were co-ordinated to ensure young people with additional needs would succeed. This is one of the highest numbers in the whole of Scotland.


Success through Excellence and Equity:

  • In 2013 our pupils achieved the best set of SQA results since - at least - the start of the millennium. (This was evidenced by independent statistical analysis, based on national data.)
  • Since that success in 2013 our pupils’ SQA attainment has improved year on year. By the end of S4 Broughton High School students attain at a higher level across the SIMD spectrum than national, comparator and City of Edinburgh levels.
      • In other words, attainment gained by Broughton High School pupils has never been better than it is now, is better than all three evidenced comparators, and continues to improve.
      • Almost all of our students move into positive sustained destinations. This is unusual for a school which serves such a diverse population.
      • Our students live and breathe inclusion, social justice, excellence and equity every day.
      • In the sports arena we are proud to have young people who are national and world championship representatives in a range of sports. Our football teams have won the Scottish Shield, the highest trophy for youth age group, four times in the past six years. Four of our footballers signed professional contracts with an Edinburgh Premiership team in the summer and, more recently, another Broughton HS pupil has been given a professional contract by Livingston FC.
      • Our musicians have moved on to gain places in the most prestigious higher education establishments and on into teaching the next generation to create and enjoy music at the highest level.
        • A quick look at the Broughton HS Wikipedia page includes a representative sample of very successful musical artists who have gained national and world-wide recognition.
        • A recent FP Anna McLuckie achieved success in The Voice and now has over 18 million Youtube hits.
        •  (Another of our students, Saskia Eng, is currently auditioning for the same programme. Results will be seen in January 2018).
        • Our music school is supported by the Scottish Government through a national fund for centres of excellence. Thanks to this we are one of only four centres across Scotland who are able to provide free tuition of the highest quality to all young people regardless of financial background.  Further, we are the only centre of excellence that offers specialist provision to pupils from Primary 1 through to S6.
        • Last September our musicians provided an outstanding musical introduction to the country’s largest gathering of educators, prefacing Cabinet Secretary John Swinney’s keynote address. Mr Swinney has been kind enough to state that “seeing these young people perform confirms that Scotland is getting it right.”

Broughton High School, and the specialist provisions within, is a microcosm of our nation. Our inclusive ethos is a model of good practice - one in which our young people provide a great example to the local and wider community. Through the support and foresight of our government, local and national, we meet the needs and aspirations of our young people and the parental community. We can collectively feel proud of what we achieve together. Let us continue to work together and make our school even better.

John J Wilson


Mr Wilson


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