2 December 2021     J Wilson

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for continuing to support our school as we navigate through the changing Covid landscape. Our goal is to maintain great learning and teaching and continue to support young people’s emotional and mental well-being.  All of this has to happen while we contend with Covid mitigations and the effects of the virus itself. It is a fine balancing act.

Ventilation is one of the key defences against the spread of the Covid virus. For this reason we are keeping classroom windows and doors open, despite the low winter temperatures. You child will need to bring appropriate outdoor clothing for classrooms until temperatures recover in spring.

Being outdoors obviously offers the best air flow. This is why our students have been spending breaks and lunches outdoors since August. Our school’s Covid numbers are particularly low, our Covid absences have been low, and in turn this supports the continuity of learning. However, we are moving into a spell of particularly cold weather.

When conditions are particularly wintry, we will now allow students to access the social areas on ground floor of the school during lunchtimes. This will begin on Monday 6th December and will be kept under review.

The specific conditions for allowing access to the building are:

  • If it is raining and below 10 degrees or
  • If the temperature is 5 degrees or below

The current arrangement of allowing access to the building in heavy rain or high winds will continue, including over breaktimes.

We will not provide seating, in order to maximise the space that is available in our Hub and Assembly Hall areas.

I would emphasise that it continues to be important to keep protecting everyone as far as possible from Covid transmission. As well as the obvious health risks, we would do well to avoid disruption to schooling that may arise from student absences and staff absences. For that reason, I would ask you to encourage your child to remain outdoors during breaks and lunchtimes unless it is absolutely necessary for them to be inside the building.

Thank you.

Mr J Wilson




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