19 January 2023J Wilson

Dear Parents and Carers

Teachers’ Industrial Action and Our Ongoing Commitment

You will know that the teacher unions in Scotland have been mandated by their members to carry out strike action.

The dispute is around the levels of salary to teachers at all grades and levels. Teachers are seeking a fair pay settlement in recognition of inflation levels.

Strike days will obviously affect all members of the school community, both locally and nationally. It could be argued that students who are sitting exams in May will be most affected.

Broughton HS has for some years offered superb academic support for young people, leading to year on year increases in attainment in S4 to S6. The most recent 2022 SQA exam results are unrecognisable compared with a decade ago, with significant improvements at all levels.

Many factors contribute to these outcomes, not least of which is hard work from young people and support for them at home.

In school, we have provided not only very good teaching and course coverage, but also lunchtime study clubs, after school supported study and Easter revision. Information about these enhancements is shared directly with students and through our school website and social media on an ongoing basis.

Support outwith class time is offered by teachers on a voluntary basis. Much of it is unpaid. Unlike private tutors who charge upwards of £40 per hour, the school does not charge students for this discretionary help.

In recognition of our own council’s budget pressures, I will work with colleagues to make best use of the funding we receive as a school. You can be confident that our teachers and support staff will continue to provide high levels of academic and pastoral support to enhance our young people’s life chances.

John J Wilson


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