National Qualifications 2022

The SQA is planning for the 2022 Examination Diet to take place from 26 April -1 June. The exam timetable can be found here: 2022 Exam Timetable ( Exam Timetable (

We are in a period of recovery and we are aware that our learners have faced and may continue to face disruption to their learning. We are taking account of this in our approaches to learning, teaching and assessment this year and specifically in the preparation of our young people for their N5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams next year.

We are planning to run a prelim diet, from Monday 24 January - Friday 4 February 2022.  The prelims will provide opportunities for our young people to experience a formal examination setting in preparation for the SQA diet.

The SQA has reassured us that they are planning for various scenarios as the year progresses, including what will happen if the exams do not go ahead.

More information about this can be found by clicking this link:   Parent guide to NQ assessments 2021-22 - SQAParent guide to NQ assessments 2021-22 - SQA

We are closely following the advice provided by the SQA and are planning our assessments accordingly. We are providing opportunities for our learners to demonstrate their learning as they progress through their courses, and for our teachers to gather assessment evidence. This will, in the fullness of time, be used to generate the estimate, or in the event of cancellation of the exams, the provisional grade.

Our colleagues have been asked to identify the key pieces of assessment evidence which will be used to generate the estimate, or provisional grade. These have been collated and are provided in this whole school assessment timeline.


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