14 June 2021

You will be aware that, as part of the SQA’s Alternative Certification Model, our teachers are busy determining provisional grades for your child, which will be submitted to the SQA on Friday 25 June.

We would like to inform you that your child will be emailed their provisional grades after school on Wednesday 23 June and that you will also receive a copy by email. Your child will be able to collect a paper copy of the provisional grades from the assembly hall on Thursday 24 June.

The letter will include details of the SQA’s appeals process, details of which can be found on the SQA website: https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/79049.htmlhttps://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/79049.html

The SQA has also produced an information booklet for pupils: https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/SQA-Appeals-2021-what-you-need-to-know.pdfhttps://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/SQA-Appeals-2021-what-you-need-to-know.pdf

Should you have any questions at this stage, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

29 March 2021

Alternative Certification Model for the Senior Phase

As you may already know, the Scottish Government confirmed that National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams will not go ahead in the 2020-2021 school session.  City of Edinburgh Council's Schools & Lifelong Learning Department has issued a letter for parents/carers with further information. 

24 March 2021

Formal Assessment Block 1 Timetables have been issued to S4S5 & S6 students.

11 March 2021

Message for Parents/Carers about National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher from the SQA10 March 2021

From Monday 15 March, pupils in S4 to S6 who are taking national qualifications will begin their return to school and will have priority for face-to-face lessons. Learning and teaching, whether in school or through remote learning, will continue to enable both teachers and pupils to review and consolidate all learning, before moving on to focus on completing assessment evidence.

The number of assessments which pupils will undertake for qualifications purposes may vary across their subjects. This is due to the nature of individual subjects and how they are taught. Pupils should talk to their teachers if they have any questions about what work will count towards assessment evidence.

With the SQA exams being cancelled this year, teachers will use their professional judgement to decide results at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher based on the marked evidence from pupils’ assessments. These will remain provisional results until all quality assurance checks have been carried out.

To ensure provisional results are fair and credible across the whole of Scotland, quality assurance processes will be applied in two phases:

  • In the first instance quality assurance will be carried out by the school, with support from the local authority. This includes discussing and agreeing the marking of pupils’ work across all classes and local schools.
  • Alongside this SQA will also carry out quality assurance as support for teachers. For example, reviewing their assessment and marking standards. This is to ensure that when teachers conduct assessments, that national standards are applied reliably and consistently across Scotland.

Schools will submit provisional results to SQA by 25 June.

SQA will not adjust provisional results. It will check for administrative errors that might have happened when schools were sending the quality assured results to SQA. When that check is completed, provisional results will become final.

Pupils will receive their results by post on Tuesday 10 August 2021. They will also receive their results by text and/or email if they decided to sign up for this service at www.mysqa.org.ukwww.mysqa.org.uk.

SQA has created an information booklet outlining ‘What you need to know for 2021 – National 5, Higher and Advanced HigherWhat you need to know for 2021 – National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher’ qualifications. This includes further details on how results will be arrived at and about the quality assurance process for this year.

The booklet is available to download from the SQA website and will be posted directly to your child w/c 15 March.

You can stay up to date on the 2021 National Qualifications by visiting sqa.org.uk/NQ2021sqa.org.uk/NQ2021.

Formal Assessment Plans for SQA National Qualifications

Information for Parents and Carers

During school closure, our teachers have been focussing on the delivery of course content and developing the knowledge and skills which will be assessed after the Easter holidays.

Our plans for assessing our learners have been designed to ensure compliance with the SQA’s subject-specific guidance on gathering assessment evidence. They have been designed to fit in with the time available after Easter and to provide our learners with a minimum of two assessment opportunities. This may vary across subjects, and class teachers will provide their students with the detail of the planned assessment in the coming weeks.

We are running two formal assessment blocks; one in April and one in May. The assessment evidence gathered will be used to inform the provisional grades which we are required to send to the SQA by 25 June 2021. The provisional results will be based on demonstrated attainment. The provisional results will be checked by the SQA and students will receive their results on Tuesday 10 August.

We have developed a robust quality assurance process to ensure that the grades submitted to the SQA are a fair and true reflection of our learners’ capabilities and that they achieve their best possible awards.

The first formal assessment block runs from 20.04.21 – 07.05.21.

Students will be given their assessment timetable and details of what will be assessed before the Easter holidays. All assessments will take place in class, during class time. Any student eligible for additional assessment arrangements will receive these.

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