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Letter from the Headteacher

Dear parents and carers

You are aware of the many twists and turns affecting schools’ and parental plans for the August 2020 return.

We have been asked to assume a 100% return to school. We await further information from the Scottish Government and will share this with you when it becomes available, over the summer holidays.

My position is that I would like to see all of our young people back in school in August, provided that I am assured that all of the required infection control measures are in place to protect children and staff. Schools also require assurance that our staffing levels are sufficient for the full return as we are obliged to support all students, taking account of learning, physical and emotional needs. These needs will all be at a higher level than in normal years.

Although I attach summary plans for the 33% model as guides, my hope is that these will be required either briefly or as the ‘contingency’ that the Scottish Government requires. While they are based on a one-third occupancy, the actual proportion of students in the building ranges between 33% and 47%, depending on size and combination of cohorts.

The 30th July has been signalled as the watershed for the final announcement from the Cabinet Secretary regarding the start of the new session. Our intention is to respond to that announcement with the required urgency and share specific plans for Broughton HS as soon as possible after that date.

With best wishes to you and your families

John J Wilson


Planned Timetable for August based on 2m Social Distancing

Planning a Blended Approach to Learning and Teaching Full Day Model - Student Week Plan

Make the Call Campaign

Scotland’s firefighters are calling on communities to help stop preventable deaths in house fires – by making a five-minute phone call.

Make the Call is a hard-hitting appeal to carers, family, friends and of those who are at risk of serious injury or even death because of an accidental fire in their home.

The latest statistics show that more than 20 people who are over the age of 50, smoke and either have mobility issues, live alone, or use medical oxygen have already been injured, some seriously, by such fires between January 1 and April 30 this year.   Tragically, 12 of those people sadly passed away.

SFRS is now appealing to communities across Scotland to help save a life and consider home fire safety when checking in on vulnerable neighbours, patients, friends and family members during lockdown and to put them in touch with SFRS wherever possible using the free Home Fire Safety Visit phoneline.

As part of their commitment to building a safer Scotland they offer everyone in Scotland a free home fire safety visit. They will help you sort out a fire escape plan and provide information about smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms.

Get in touch with them, it's so easy to arrange:

§  call 0800 0731 999

§  text "FIRE" to 80800 from your mobile phone

§  complete their online formonline form

If you have decided that you want the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to undertake a Home Fire Safety Visit, it is important that you understand how your personal information will be collected and used, and what rights you have when it comes to your information. 

SFRS have a full HFSV Privacy NoticeHFSV Privacy Notice available on their website which explains all of this and if you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Annual Summer Safety Campaign Launch

#SaferSummer2020 urges the public to stay safe and avoid preventable tragedies.
Firefighters responded to more than 1,700 deliberate secondary fires in derelict buildings, grassland and refuse over a two-month period in Scotland last summer, latest figures show.  There were also 46 water rescues across the country during the same period between 24 June and 26 August.

The campaign which launched on Monday 22 June will urge members of the public to access summertime safety guidessummertime safety guides on their website.

You can share your #SaferSummer2020 activities with @scotfire_edin@scotfire_edin on Twitter and @ScottishFireAndRescueService@ScottishFireAndRescueService on Facebook.

How to survive cold water shock clip: -

Could you survive in cold water clip: -

Drowning prevention clip: -

Downloadable community safety leafletscommunity safety leaflets: -

Also have a look at the following:  Wildfires Leaflet and Summer Safety Leaflet.



News & Opportunities Updates

Remember to check the News & Opportunities section for up to date information.  Added today is information on Edinburgh Napier's Clearing process, and more.

S6 Yearbooks

S6 yearbooks will be ready to collect from school tomorrow between 12 and 2pm. If you’ve ordered a yearbook but are unable to collect, please let the yearbook committee know who you’re willing to pick it up for you (should be someone from S6). It’ll also be useful to bring a pen to sign others’ yearbooks!


Yearbook Committee

Black Lives Matter

Our Broughton school community is both inclusive and diverse in nature. We celebrate and embrace diversity. Dariush Black, one of our Pupil Support Assistants has a message for our students.

"Hello Broughton people, I hope everyone is keeping well and safe. I wanted to share something that happened to me recently.

It might help you understand the Black Lives Matter movement that you may have seen on the news recently which is seeking racial equality.

On Friday, I was racially abused by a woman who used aggressive, racial language towards me.

I wanted to share this with you all because as I’m sure you are all aware of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Unfortunately the chances of you experiencing racism to some extent in your life are relatively high, whether it be directed towards yourself or to friends/or family regardless of what race they are.

I think it is really important for you to acknowledge that every action has a consequence.

You will most likely all come across people you have disagreements with in both your social and professional lives.

I want to emphasise the need to firstly NOT react with anger or violence, although it may be your first thought. These actions do not make you any better than your assailant.

I’m not disillusioned by the fact that racism will, unfortunately, probably always exist to some extent. But I am optimistic that it is possible to minimise it and hopefully teach more right than wrong.

In my experience, the most valuable tool to fight racism is unity and the power of the people.

*This is where you come in.*

Younger people are the future, YOU ARE THE FUTURE and the ones who have the power and ability to mould the world in to a better place.

Whatever you make it in to, is what you will have to live with.

Going back to my experience, if it were handled in a non-mindful manner for example, me getting angry, or reacting with a physical response it could have ended in a much more negative way, but what would this have achieved? To confirm to my assailant that she should rightfully be scared of people with different skin tones because of their inability to act rationally? That’s a lose-lose.

Instead I have come away from it, and am trying to flip that negative in to a positive by telling it to you guys, and showing that combat doesn’t have to be physical and that more often than not you can achieve more change through other methods.

Racism can happen towards anyone regardless of age, appearance, personality or whatever it may be and unfortunately a lot of people do not even realise they are doing it.

If you ever witness anything racist whether it be intentional or not, to yourself or someone else, I want you to stop and think and decide which band wagon you are going to jump on. 1) The band wagon which overlooks racism and accepts it, therefor not acting to prevent it. Or 2) the band wagon which acknowledges what racism really is. Developed ignorance and fear towards an individual due to the colour of their skin.

I am part of the Support for Learning team. If anyone ever experiences anything racist you can find me in this department to discuss it.

“Darkness doesn’t drive out darkness, only light can do that”

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