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Reminder to check the BroWorks section of the website for up to date opportunities for students.

Death of Former Broughton History Teacher

We have been informed that David Somerville, former Principal Teacher of History at Broughton High School, died peacefully at home on 22 February.   His funeral will be held tomorrow, March 15.

Baccalaureate Student Survey

An S6 student is doing the Languages Baccalaureate.  Her Interdisciplinary Project deals with mindsets towards higher education in France and Scotalnd.  She has created a website to share her findings and would be very grateful if you could leave a short comment about it:

Easter Revision Classes

The timetable of Easter Revision classes is available now.  Students will be issued with a copy on Thursday and are reminded they must sign up in advance for the classes.  Please encourage your child to sign up for as many as possible by Friday 22 March.

Great Broughton Book Bake Off

Thursday's Great Broughton Book Bake Off went off with a bang last week, with three well-deserved winners.


Climate Change Day of Action

Following the Education, Children and Families Committee motion which was passed to allow pupils who wish to participate in the Climate Change Day of Action on 15 March 2019, Lorna Sweeney, Schools & Lifelong Learning service Manager issued a letter to parents.  Pupils are to be allowed to be absent on the following conditions:  any child wishing to attend the event outside the Scottish Parliament would only be marked as being an "authorised" absence if their parent /carer provides, in advance, written permission taking full responsibility for their child during their absence from school for that specific event.

Foundation Apprenticeships Information

Check the News & Opportunities page for a letter from Lorna Sweeney about Foundation Apprenticeships for students going into S5 and S6.

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