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Mobile Phone Policy

Posted on: 22nd April 2024
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Mobile phones are a part of everyday life and almost all of our young people now own and carry a mobile phone to school.  We understand that for safety reasons, many parents and carers wish their young person to carry a mobile phone.


  • To ensure that staff, young people and families are fully aware of the policy and understand the reasons behind it.
  • To support our Positive Relationships Policy which aims to create a learning and working environment that is safe and purposeful for everyone.
  • To ensure that the wellbeing of our young people is supported and that safeguarding incidents associated with mobile phones are minimised.
  • To optimise learning in class throughout the school day, minimising distractions relating to mobile phone use.


  • Mobile phones must remain switched off and out of sight during class.
  • Young people will be given one individual reminder where required.
  • Continued use will result in confiscation by the class teacher until the end of the lesson.
  • Phones should be left in the classroom when going to the toilet during class time.
  • If a young person refuses to hand over their phone the Duty Head will be called.
  • If the phone is not handed over to the Duty Head when requested, parent/carer will be contacted to support the school.
  • Any young person who is referred to the Reflection Room will be supported by the Duty Head to hand over their mobile phone on arrival. Mobile phones are stored securely in a charging box and are returned to students during break and lunchtimes.
  • All urgent parental calls should be directed to Reception rather than directly to young people’s mobile phones during the school
  • The class teacher must give permission for the use of any personal electronic devices in class.

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