Any information for Primary 7 - S1 Transition will be posted on this page.   We will also use the school Facebook page and Twitter to communicate information. 

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PE Clothing Requirements

All pupils will take part in physical education outside in a range of different physical activities.

Pupils will not have access to changing facilities on site.

On days pupils have PE can students come to school in their PE kit, red top/t-shirt and black leggings, shorts or jogging bottoms please?

Waterproofs or a suitable change of clothing in case of bad weather are essential - please check the weather forecast regularly so that you are best prepared for outdoor lessons.

Pupils will arrive in PE on the 1st floor and into the Games Hall along the corridor to the left of the Theatre, using the stairs at the end of the Maths corridor to access the corridor.

Each class will have a designated area in the Games Hall where they can leave their bags. No valuables can be handed to the teacher for safe-keeping and bags will not be locked away.  Advice on valuables would be to leave them at home or use a school locker.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that the young people at Broughton High can maximise their learning experience in PE and minimise the risk of infection.


Available now is a summary of a letter to parents and carers, from Alistair Gaw, Executive Director of Communities and Families, 5th August 2020 in the following languages:    English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Cantonese, Polish, Mandarin and Romanian.



Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you and your family have kept safe and well and have been able to enjoy the summer, strange as it has been. Wednesday 12 August will see the beginning of a phased return for students coming back to school.  I and all of my colleagues are very much looking forward to seeing our young people again after such a long enforced absence.

Our phased return model balances the need to keep all members of the school community safe, allows our new S1 students some time to familiarise themselves with a completely new learning environment and gives all students the chance to re-adjust to school life. Throughout the first week and beyond we all need to bear in mind that we are still working through a global pandemic the like of which has not been seen in our lifetime and which may unfortunately get worse again before it gets better. I am convinced that if we work together and support each other, and if we acknowledge anxieties and make the most of our considerable strengths we will get through this.

The phased return from 12-14 August is shown in the table below:



Monday 10 August


Tuesday 11 August


Wednesday 12 August


Thursday 13 August 


Friday 14 August


In Service

Staff only


In Service

Staff only




S1 start at 8.30am, reporting to stations in the school concourse.

S2 start at 9.30am, first lesson as a return induction with group tutor.

S1 finish and depart 10 minutes early (3.20pm)

S2 finish and depart 5 minutes early (3.25pm)


  S1 & S2 PUPILS

  S3 & S4 PUPILS

  S1 start at 8.30am, reporting to     stations in the school concourse.

  S2 start at 9.30am.

  S3 start at 10.20am.

  S4 start at 11.10am.

  S1 finish and depart 10 minutes      early (3.20pm)

  S2 finish and depart 5 minutes        early (3.25pm)




S1-S4 start at 8.30am.

S5 start at 9.30am, first lesson senior school induction.

S6 start at 10.40am, for S6 induction.

All students finish at normal Friday lunchtime.

Monday 17 August Tuesday 18 August Wednesday 19 August Thursday 20 August 

Friday 21 August



All students will be briefed and reminded on how best to keep themselves, and others, safe when in school.  All staff will be similarly briefed and supported to keep themselves and our students safe. Information that we will share will be based on the Scottish Government’s most recent guidelines for schools. These have been adapted by the City of Edinburgh and further summarised by our Business Manager, Mrs Wallace.  A copy of the staff version is attached for your information and a student-friendly version will be used when inducting our students next week.  Please familiarise yourself with the attached guidelines and take the opportunity to discuss them with your child.

We have been assured that hand sanitising facilities will be installed throughout our school building and outside the front doors on time for the students returning on the 12th.  Any student who wishes to wear a face covering in school will be permitted to do so.  Some staff may also choose to wear a face covering. We will address any concerns about this when we welcome our students back.

Some Practicalities

 During breaks and lunchtimes all students will be asked to move outside the building, which we know will be a safer environment than indoors. We are blessed with extensive school grounds which also offer various types of outdoor space.

  • Students are not permitted to leave school grounds during morning break, apart from S5 and S6 seniors.
  • During lunchtime S1 students must stay on school grounds. This will be the case until further notice.
  • S2-S6 students who choose to leave school grounds during lunchtime must adhere to the current rules of wider society, for instance wearing a face covering when in shops. (This obviously applies to all students before and after the school day.)
  • Students must wash their hands when returning back to the school building.
  • Food available during morning break and lunchtimes will be of the ‘grab and go’ type. Students will not be able to use the seated dining area and instead will be asked to eat outside in order to minimise risk of infection.
  • Parents and carers are encouraged to provide a packed lunch as this will reduce waiting time in queues.
  • We encourage all students to adhere to school colours, although we will not be insisting on specific items of uniform. This is to help families with frequent washing requirements. I would ask parents and carers to support the school with the adherence to school colours. The need to engender a school identity and keep young people safe from intruders is as important as ever at this time.
  • When moving between classes all students will be asked to keep to the left in order to reduce risk of infection. This is a practical way of mitigating risk and we are fortunate to have corridors that are more than 2 metres wide.

With support from the parental community the new normal in our school should become second nature fairly quickly.

It has become crystal clear that wider society needs schools to be in operation. As well as acquiring crucial skills and knowledge young people depend on the social interaction and personal development experiences that schools provide. Furthermore, without school provision the parental workforce cannot support economic recovery. Our school is right at the heart of the community. Let us work together to make the new school year a great success, despite the constraints of Covid-19.

We look forward to welcoming our children and young people back to Broughton HS from 12 August.

John J Wilson





Please see letters and other transition information below.

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Transition Videos 

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Depute Heads:  Mrs S BennettMrs S Bennett, Ms P CummingMs P Cumming, Mr T MorrisMr T Morris, Mrs J Wallace

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Frequently Asked Questions videovideo.

Mini School Tour

Please see the S1 Handbook 2020-2021.  Some of the information in this handbook will be subject to change following the re-opening of school but it does contain general information regarding uniform etc, which you may find helpful.



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