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Eid Mubarak

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Big Issue featuring Broughton students and free Cake-Pops


We are selling this special edition BIG ISSUE featuring an article about BRO-Enterprise’s work during the last year of lockdown. The BIG Issue has donated 50 magazines to our school and 100% of sales will go to the enterprise.  With the profit, our team plans to organise an exciting free event in our school grounds to reconnect with friends and neighbours.

Buy a BIG Issue magazine from us for only £3, and you will receive two free BRO-Cake pops.  Yum!

You will be supporting the work of our young people to tackle social isolation in the community and develop enterprising skills.   To order, complete the form stating BIG-ISSUE  and we will be in touch

Magazines and cake pops will ready for collection on Friday 14 May.

bro enterpriseBig IssueCake Pop


 Thank you.

The BRO Enterprise group

Active Schools Information


As the City of Edinburgh Council has been adapting and renewing, so too has Active Schools.  The focus of targeted work has been realigned to ensure pupils in most need of support and who benefit the most from being physically active are reached.   Further information is here

Pathways Bulletin


The new Pathways Bulletin featuring a range of industry insight opportunities for pupils across the school is available now.

iPad Roll Out for S3 Pupils

Acrest2s part of the national Digital Learning Strategy we have started the roll out of individual ‘1:1’ iPads to S3 pupils.  The iPad can be used both in school and at home. This approach provides equity of access and enables teachers to deliver optimal blended learning – seamlessly blending effective traditional practice with digital pedagogies, both face to face in school and at home.

The iPads will be set up so that the pupils will be able to easily access the Microsoft 365 tools such as Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Class Notebook.

We would ask that parents and carers talk to their children about the use of the iPad and the internet at home, to ensure that only appropriate websites are accessed and only appropriate apps are installed.  Guidance for parents and carers about internet safety can be found here:

An iPad FAQs is attached but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email the school at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Service Entrance to School

The introduction of double yellow lines at the main entrance to the school has been very welcome, as it keeps school users much safer at the peak times of the day. Unfortunately we have seen an increase in unidentified cars parking on the school entrance road. This increases risk to students who are using different entrances into the building to reduce mixing.

 From Monday 10th May we are closing the service entrance to the school grounds to any vehicles apart from authorised deliveries and collections. We ask all members of the community to please respect this.

Covid and the Scottish Climate

One of our Covid mitigation measures is for students to spend their break and lunch times outdoors. Being outdoors is significantly safer, particularly as young people will want to socialise and talk to each other in their free time.

We know it is now May. We know it should be warmer and drier. But it isn’t. Please therefore make sure that your child comes to school wearing appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather until such time as summer properly arrives.

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