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Scotland's Biggest Parents' Event 

Welcome to this year's Scotland's Biggest Parents' Evening (SBPE). In a change from previous years, SBPE is a week long virtual event delivered by Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) to provide parents and carers with information to support their young people at home when making that all-important decision about 'what's next' after school.

This parents' toolkit has been produced as a reference guide for all parents to outline the different resources and opportunities available to pupils to help them to make their future career choices.   Parents are encouraged to check out for further information on SBPE 2021 and, in particular, the Events Calendar on page 4 of the toolkit.  The first event is on 15 November.


Pathways Bulletin

Throughout a pupil's school career, they will be exposed to a range of employers and industry partners through industry experiences, work experience and industry talks where they will be inspired to explore a variety of pathways in to the world of work. There are lots of opportunities that pupils can access in their own time, virtually or gain some paid work. 

Every fortnight, we will publish a Pathways Bulletin that highlights a range of industry insight opportunities for pupils across the school in S1-S6.