Broughton HS Senior-phase return to school: Practical Activities

The Rationale

The Scottish Government has confirmed that starting from Monday 22 February, there will be a gradual return to school of senior phase students (S4-S6) to work on aspects of practical work requiring specialist equipment and difficult to carry out at home. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 8% of our school roll. There are still tight restrictions on subjects such as PE and Dance, and group activity is not yet possible indoors.

Attending a session

The timetable shows the subjects that have been allocated time in school. Students should check their class TEAM for information from subject teachers confirming whether they are required to attend a session. We ask that students confirm attendance so that we can monitor expected numbers in school.

Students attending a 9.30am-1.30pm session, may come into the building from 9.15am and, after hand-sanitizing, should report and register with the class teacher. Students attending sessions at other times should arrive as close to their class time as possible. Once in school, students will not be allowed to leave the building until it is time to go home. Exceptions to this are students in Hospitality or Cake Craft who are attending for whole day sessions from 8.30am-3.30pm and can register from 8.15am onwards. Students attending these sessions will have a designated lunch break and may leave the school building,

Keeping ourselves safe

Procedures are in place to keep students and staff safe. They are mandatory; everyone is required to follow them.

  • Observe 2m social distancing inside and (outside) the school building
  • Sanitise hands on entering the building, classroom or workshop
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Wear a mask in all areas of the building

We take adherence to these Covid mitigations very seriously.  Students who choose not to follow them may be asked to return home.

Windows and doors of classrooms will be open and therefore spaces may be cold. Students should dress appropriately with layers.

  • Students attending a four-hour session should bring a snack and a drink
  • Students attending a full day, should bring a packed lunch and a drink
  • A packed lunch is available for any student eligible for free school meals.


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