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As a school community we aim to work together in partnership to support our pupils in all aspects of their Health and Wellbeing.                     

Our most important partnership is between home and school and we want all parents/carers to know about the team in place to support their young people in school.

We operate a house system and each pupil is placed into one of our four houses: ADAM, NAPIER, RAEBURN and SCOTT.

Each house is allocated to a Pupil Support Leader (PSL) who supports the everyday pastoral care of individual pupils beginning with their transition from primary school and continuing through S1-S6 and on to a positive sustainable destination beyond school.  They would usually be your first point of contact.

Your child will also have a Group tutor who meets with them every morning during registration.

In addition, a Depute Head Teacher (DHT) / Head of House oversees the pastoral support of each house and works alongside the Pupil Support Leader and external agencies to ensure that our young people are supported effectively.

If you would like to share your child’s success or discuss a concern please contact the school main office 0131 332 7805 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(When contacting the school please, wherever possible, include the name of your child, their Pupil Support Leader and/or their tutor group (e.g. 1A1 – Adam House).

House Team 2023-24

  House   Pupil Support Leader     DHT / Head of House


   Miss Sharon Brodie

   Ms Sally MacMillan


  Mrs Jenna Drummond   Ms Shona Wallace


  Mrs Lydia Milazzo   Mrs Susan Bennett


  Mr Colin Stewart / Ms Pam Day   Mrs Lisa Evans


  Mrs Zoe Gillespie    2N1Z, 2A2Z, 2S2Z, 2R2Z, 3R1Z, 4A2Z, 4N1Z