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Broughton High School Houses

All students at Broughton are members of one of four houses: Adam, Napier, Raeburn, and Scott – who represent a diverse group of academic disciplines. Every Tutor Group is named after a house, with their own Head of House and shared Pupil Support Teachers. Each house has two S6 house captains appointed every year to help co-ordinate house activities. And there is a calendar of house events running throughout the year, with something for everyone in it. Numbers participating are high – and growing!

Last year began with a bake-off, a music competition, and inktober, and featured a whole host of sports competitions. Houses also went head-to-head in general knowledge quizzing, creative writing, chess, film quizzes and a spelling bee. And – after neck and neck standings for three of the houses at the midway point – Adam emerged as the winners by the end of May and won the House Championship Shield, which was presented in a house assembly and engraved accordingly.

The scores re-set to zero in June and competition is fiercer than ever. Students need to consult the pupil bulletin and their house team (on Microsoft Teams) to see what is coming up and sign up to take part. Scorekeeper Mr Sweeney publishes the current standings regularly and the notice board in the hub records participants and students throughout the year.

Who will win this session? You’ve got to be in it to win it!


Head of House: Sally MacMillan
PSLs: Sharon Brodie & Zoe Gillespie
House Captains: Neda Maroofi & Lewis Embleton

(And all Adam Group Tutors!)


Head of House: Shona Wallace

PSLs: Jenna Drummond & Zoe Gillespie

House Captains: Elodie Berrill & Alex Moir

(And all Napier Group Tutors!)


Head of House: Susan Bennett

PSLs: Lydia Milazzo, Emma Thomson & Zoe Gillespie                                           

House Captains: Cerys Corey & Connie Middleton   

(And all Raeburn Group Tutors!)


Head of House: Lisa Evans

PSLs: Colin Stewart, Pam Day & Zoe Gillespie

House Captains: Rosie Brett & Freya Eng

(And all Scott Group Tutors!)

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