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Pupil Support

As a school community we aim to work together in partnership to support our pupils in all aspects of their Health and Wellbeing.             

We operate a house system and each pupil is placed into one of our four houses: ADAM, NAPIER, RAEBURN and SCOTT.

Our most important partnership is between home and school and we want all parents/carers to know about the team in place to support their young people in school.

Each house is allocated to a Pupil Support Leader (PSL) who supports the everyday pastoral care of individual pupils beginning with their transition from primary school and continuing through S1-S6 and on to a positive sustainable destination beyond school.  They would usually be your first point of contact.

Your child will also have a Group tutor who meets with them every morning during registration.

In addition, a Depute Head Teacher (DHT) / Head of House oversees the pastoral support of each house and works alongside the Pupil Support Leader and external agencies to ensure that our young people are supported effectively.

If you would like to share your child’s success or discuss a concern please contact the school main office 0131 332 7805 or email admin@broughton.edin.sch.uk

(When contacting the school please, wherever possible, include the name of your child, their Pupil Support Leader and/or their tutor group (e.g. 1A1 – Adam House).

We are a consistently improving organisation. Our core values are the same – respect, inclusion and integrity in all that we do. Tolerance and a willingness to learn about other cultures have been at the heart of Scottish education for centuries. By embracing the Scottish tradition and developing through a curriculum for excellence we hope to develop as truly global citizens.

Broughton High School is developing as a centre of excellence in the wider community with our business partners and neighbours utilising the building during and beyond the school day. The development of partnership working is important to us and we actively pursue their development.

In school, it goes without saying that we provide a secure and healthy environment, but we aim for much more. We aspire to personal excellence at all times. In every classroom, on the playing fields, through every note played in the Music School we aim for the highest standards. These can only be achieved if the whole school community works in partnership.

House Team 2024

  House  Pupil Support Leader  DHT / Head of House
AdamMiss Sharon BrodieMs Sally MacMillan
NapierMrs Jenna DrummondMs Shona Wallace
  RaeburnMrs Lydia MilazzoMrs Susan Bennett
ScottMr Colin Stewart / Ms Pam DayMrs Lisa Evans
 VariousMrs Zoe Gillespie2N1Z, 2A2Z, 2S2Z, 2R2Z, 3R1Z, 4A2Z, 4N1Z

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