The National 4 Physics Course enables learners to develop the ability to solve problems and establish relationships in physics by acquiring a broad knowledge base, practical skills and basic mathematical skills.

The National 5 Physics Course enables learners to develop a deeper understanding of physics concepts and the ability to describe and interpret physical phenomena using mathematical skills.

The Higher Physics Course develops learners’ curiosity, interest and enthusiasm for physics in a range of contexts. The skills of scientific inquiry and investigation are developed throughout the Course, and the relevance of physics is highlighted by the study of the applications of physics in everyday contexts.

The Advanced Higher Physics course has been designed to articulate with and provide a progression from the Higher Physics course. Through a deeper insight into the structure of the subject, the course aims to provide a challenging experience for those who wish to study the subject to a greater depth and to assist candidates towards an understanding of the use of mathematical models and techniques for describing the behaviour of nature. The course seeks to illustrate and emphasise situations where the principles of physics are used and applied, thus promoting the candidate’s awareness that physics involves interaction between theory and practice. An opportunity for engaging in some independent research is provided. The resulting elements of knowledge and understanding, problem solving and practical activities form the basis of the Advanced Higher Physics course.

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