SQA Examination Diet

Monday 27 April - Thursday 4 June 2020   

You can access the Exam TimetableExam Timetable for the 2022/2023 exam diet now.   

Exam Leave

Our exam leave this year will run from Monday 24 April until Friday 2 June.

In S4, the duration of exam leave entitlement is dependent upon the number of exams being attempted by a student. This is in line with City of Edinburgh guidelines.

Number of Exams   Study Leave Entitlement
4 exams or more   Full Study Leave
3 exams or fewer

  3 days before the day of each exam, plus the day          of the exam

Any student who would prefer to study in school is welcome to do so.

Students who are not sitting exams will follow the Meaningful May programme. Mrs Evans will be in touch with details.

In S5 and S6, all students are entitled to the full period of exam leave.



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