Broughton High School aspires to be a learning community known for its excellent learning and teaching. We maximise student achievement; provide support, welfare and inspiration. We are committed to continual improvement. Our students will be confident, successful and able to contribute effectively and responsibly to society. They should foster an interest in life long learning.

Our core values




Our Value statements

We show Respect and Responsibility in our dealings with others

We aspire to Excellence in all we do

We work hard and Persevere 

We are an Inclusive Community that takes Pride in our Diversity 


The vision and values provide the context in which we work. They are the basis for all that we do. We aim to develop fully the potential of all our learners by:

  • Promoting personal excellence in all aspects of school life by setting high standards and rewarding success
  • Providing a healthy environment where every learner feels valued and safe
  • Instilling respect for the natural world
  • Encouraging learners to become self disciplined and responsible for their own learning
  • Encouraging preparation for work beyond school and active participation in society
  • Developing good relationships among all members of the school community
  • Taking ownership for the direction of the learning community through consultation and participation
  • Having rigorous quality assurance to monitor our effectiveness

All members of the learning community share responsibility for each other. All staff at Broughton High School have a key role in ensuring that the improvement plans, policies and practices in school are developed to meet our values and aims.

We work hard to build a secure and pleasant working environment and in return we hope that students will develop a sense of pride and identity in belonging to Broughton High School. 

Through the improvement plan we will endeavour to provide a quality education through planned target setting. This is monitored by our own staff, parents and the Local Authority.

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