Young Carer Coordinator

Broughton High School’s Young Carer Coordinator is Emma Thomson. If your young person is a young carer or if you would like some more information about what a young carer is, please contact her via email –  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Young Carer Support

There is a drop-in session available every Monday at break in BIT3 with the young carer coordinator (Miss Thomson – CDT). Alternatively, pupils can request a meeting with the YCC by scanning the QR code below. This can be to discuss your role, find out more about being a young carer, additional support or transitioning from high school to higher education/work

Link to QR code

What Makes You a Young Carer

There are many ways someone might be a young carer, click here to view many of the different ways. This may help you to understand if you or someone you know is a young carer. If you think you are a young carer, speak to the YCC.

Young Carer Assembly – week of 06.03.23

There was a young carer assembly to help identify whether you or someone you know might be a young carer. If you missed the assembly, please click here to view a PDF version of the presentation shown.